Collection: Jewelry

Humans have been adorning themselves with bone, shell, mineral and metal for thousands of years. Archaeological digs in North America put the oldest record of wearing jewelry back over 12,000 years. Jewelry has been used in trade, to represent sovereignty and to assist spiritual leaders as long as we have been in communal settings.  

Simple or Statement piece, what we choose to accent ourselves with can be a reflection of our beliefs and commitments, an infusion of energy, a family heirloom, an amulet or purely our personal taste in trinkets.  

No matter the reason, jewelry evokes our primitive attraction to objects of beauty and power.  Let these pieces enhance your aura and add to your personal magick!  

Many of these are One of a Kind pieces - you will be receiving the exact piece pictured in those cases.  Once they have found new homes they will not be returning so if there's something you fancy be sure to claim it before someone else does!  

See listing for common energetic associations of each crystal or find our Crystal Properties List here.  These are guides only, and by no means comprehensive.  Never rely on crystals to provide medical care and please seek proper medical attention when needed. 

Colors may vary from photos based on digital translation. 

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