About Us

This page really is about US - all those who resonate with this vibe, walk this path, celebrate the seasons and sabbats, flow with the Earth, who want to connect with a more Universal consciousness, or call themselves Witch.

StellaLuna has proudly been a part of this community since she opened her doors in October of 2015.  Born from a desire to share with others the joy this Spiritual journey can bring, StellaLuna is more than just a shop. It is a place to discover and grow, to develop knowledge and to deepen understanding. Here we hope that you find both the treasures you covet, and the welcome of this Tribe! 

As a practicing solitary witch for over three decades, and a prolific creatrix, I have long enjoyed crafting magickal goods for my family, friends and personal use.  Helping people has always been a passion of mine, and alternative healing modalities have fascinated me for many years. I am a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition through Willows Healing Path LLC, as well as a Certified Crystal Reiki Master through the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy.  I received my Advanced Crystal Master Certified Crystal Healer certificate from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy  and my Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certification from the  Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy   It's said every Witch has their 'One Thing' - crystals would definitely be mine!!   LOVE THEM!  

From my Sacred Space to Yours ~ Brightest Blessings & Highest Vibes

Welcome Home,