White Sage Bundle

White Sage Bundle

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California White Sage bundle - approximately 6" long

The ceremonial and ritual use of sage has been practiced by indigenous people for thousands of years.  Science has recently confirmed the cleansing and clearing benefits of using medicinal smoke

One method of use: be sure to have a fire safe container to catch any falling embers, traditionally an abalone shell is used for this, but any fire safe container will do.  Carefully light the end of the bundle and allow it to burn a few seconds until the ends lightly glow and smoke rises from the tip.  Holding the bundle over your container, gently waft the smoke using a feather.  The smoke can be directed to cascade over a person, object, or to encircle an area intended to clear any unwanted energy.  Once complete, extinguish the bundle by snuffing into your fire safe container.  

Please remember to always use caution and common sense when working with the element of fire! 

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