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Wax Seal Beads

Wax Seal Beads

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      Great for Personal Witchcrafting of Amulets, Spell Jars, Ritual Papers & More!    

 Use with melting spoon and flame from a candle, tealight or lighter

 Color Correspondences:

  • Silver ~ Lunar, Goddess Energy, Intuition
  • Gold ~ Solar, God Energy, Prosperity
  • Brown ~ Grounding, Earth Energy, Animals
  • Red ~ Passion, Fire Energy, Romantic Love
  • Pink ~ Friendship, Peace, Self-Love
  • Orange ~ Happiness, Warmth, Motivation
  • Yellow ~ Creativity, Confidence, Trust
  • Green ~ Abundance, Luck, Fertility
  • Blue ~ Healing, Communication, Water Energy
  • Purple ~ Spiritual, Influence, Sovereignty
  • White ~ Purity, Ancestors, Clarity
  • Black ~ Protection, Banishing, Endings

                   These are just a few of the most common associations. 

       Allow your Intuition, Imagination and Creativity to guide you!


Package contains 20 Beads

*Spoons not included*

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