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Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Fork Set

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There are many ways to clear your crystals of unwanted energetic debris.  One of our favorites is with sound!  Holding the tuning fork by the stem, with the prongs outward and just over your crystals, simply strike the top prong with the rubber mallet.  Slowly moving back and forth over the crystals, allow the gentle vibrations and sound to shake off anything your crystals may have accumulated that no longer serves them or you.  There is no need to make direct contact with your crystals and the tuning fork.  

We make a practice here at the shop of clearing your crystals before they leave for their new homes ~ now you can bring the practice to your home for clearing and refreshing of your beloved treasures any time you like!  

Fork and Mallet* come in a black velvet bag for ease of storage and travel.

*Style of mallet may vary based on availability.  

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