Smelling Salts Grief Relief

Smelling Salts Grief Relief

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Aromatherapy and the use of scent to bring about a desired result has been around since ancient times.  So why salt?  The Himalayan salts used in these 1oz bottles are doing double duty.  Not only do they provide a medium to help retain the botanical bouquet of the essential oils and minimize accidental spillage, they are also said to be beneficial to the respiratory system.  According to the Lung Institute, salt is antibacterial & anti-inflammatory, loosens excessive mucus, removes pathogens in the air like pollen, and decreases immune system oversensitivity.  

This Grief Relief blend combines the benefits of salt and a proprietary blend of essential oils known to be uplifting and comforting to help gently ease you along the journey that is grief.  

These salts are not to be ingested; if you are using them in an uncovered form, please be sure they are not accessible by children and/or pets. Please keep all smelling salts out of the reach of children and pets.

Not intended for treatment of medical issues nor to revive someone who is unconscious.  

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