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Skin-Leaper's Salve

Skin-Leaper's Salve

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This salve is infused with a safe amount of wolfsbane or monkshood aka aconitum napellus, with yarrow and vervain essential oils.

Wolfsbane is said to give the sensation of flight, or being covered in hair/feathers, which makes sense why this herb has been connected to lyncanthropic magic and shamanism for countless centuries. There is an ancient connection between werewolves, vampires and witches, that can be traced back to a single dark origin. The nocturnal shapeshifting spirit.

Shapeshifting is an ancient practice that can be employed for many different purposes, healing, protection, magical warfare, and spirit travel are some of goals that can be achieved. Shapeshifting takes place on the astral plane. Yarrow and vervain are two other herbs that aid the magical practitioner, included for their occult virtues and entheogenic effects.

What to expect: herbal salves can take 1-2 hours to fully take effect. The larger the surface area they are applied to the faster they are absorbed. Places like the soles of your feet and underarms get more absorption.

Key Words:


Nocturnal flight


Connecting with familiar spirits

Traveling to the shamanic underworld

Meeting your familiar spirit


This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.  StellaLunaLLC and Coby Michael & Poisoner’s Apothecary are not responsible for misuse of this product. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and per their requirement, this product is not intended for human consumption.

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