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Simmer Pot

Simmer Pot

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Simmer pots are not only a great smoke-free option to make your home smell good, they also align with all five elements to assist in manifesting specific intentions.  The heating element under your simmer pot correlates with the element of Fire.  The herbs and fruits used in the simmer pot were grown from our beautiful Earth.  The simmering itself is done with the element of Water.  The steam that is released into our sacred space represents the element of Air.  Lastly, YOU are the element of Spirit that is setting the intentions and bringing the simmer pot to life.  

Each simmer pot packet grants you endless ways to achieve your desired results.  Any heat safe dish may be used as a simmer pot, such as a crockpot, a cauldron, an oil warmer, or even your standard cooking pot.  You can also choose different types of water that align with your intentions.  Here are just a few examples…

Full Moon Water - Feminine Energy, Expansion, Intuition

New Moon Water - Release, New Beginnings

Sun Water - Uplifting, Strength, Confidence

Lake Water - Peace, Happiness, Contentment

River Water - Moving Forward, Cleansing, Creating Change

Sea Water - Cleansing, Protection, Healing

Snow Water - Transformation, Purifying, New Beginnings

To further personalize your simmer pot you can add various herbs and essential oils that correspond with your intentions.

When you feel like your magick has been sent and your simmer pot has been spent, return to Mother Earth in alignment with your practice.

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