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Brimstone Vial

Brimstone Vial

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Brimstone or Sulfur is a natural element that forms near volcanic vents.  Associated with the Sun and Saturn, Brimstone is said to be an excellent addition to spell work involving protection, banishment, hex breaking and driving away unwanted energies. 

Also associated with the element of Fire and the Solar Plexus chakra, Brimstone can assist bringing about transformation and releasing suborn patterns that stifle one’s vitality.

Brimstone will produce a blue flame when burned, USE CAUTION and burn in a well ventilated area if you chose to do so. 

Sulfur powder can be added to floor washes, poppets, herbal mixtures, candle dressings or sprinkled around the home as a form of protection.

Brimstone will interact with any metal (except gold) – we recommend removing any jewelry prior to use. 

 Not intended for internal use

Comes in a wax sealed 20ml vial.  Simply score wax around neck of bottle with knife to open. 


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