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Astral Travel Magickal Oil

Astral Travel Magickal Oil

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Astral Travel Magickal Oil is Witchcrafted to assist you on your astral journey by gently opening your third eye, promoting relaxation and recall of your travels. Anoint your third eye (between and slightly above your eyebrows) and solar plexus (just above your belly button) prior to Astral Travel.  It is recommended you have a journal nearby to record your progress and experiences.  

Magickal Oils are created with a blend of organic jojoba and coconut oil base to be most compatible with skin and a long shelf life.  *As with anything applied to skin please do a test patch prior to use.  If irritation presents, do not use on skin!*  There are a variety of ways these can be used to still get the benefit of the oil without the physical discomfort. 

1/2 oz bottle

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