Moldavite Oil

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Witchcrafted over six full moon cycles ~ this oil blend started out gently simmering in a cauldron with herbs, flowers and woods known throughout history for their abilities in expanding spiritual consciousness.  It was then filtered, bottled with three large pieces of authentic moldavite, combined with a proprietary blend of essential oils for opening the third eye, bathed in moonlight and showered with reiki energy. The bottle held a place of honor in Sacred Space on a silver platter encircled with a combination of tectites, double terminated quartz points, phenacite and apophyllite as it continued to infuse all the many powerful vibrations for half a year!   

Created from a meteoric impact, it is only found in the Czech Republic and is becoming increasingly scarce. Moldavite is known for its strong energetic vibrations, and is believed to have been held as a sacred stone for thousands of years. Modern day associations include rapid spiritual transformations, assisting in manifesting, dream work and major life changes as well as being a lovely heart opener.   

The uses for this oil are limited only by your imagination.  Some ways include:

*Anointing your third eye before mediation or bed 

*Wear like a perfume or cologne to surround yourself with the energetic vibrations

*Dress a candle with the oil and burn for your desired intentions (NOT a recommendation for Dreamwork - Safety First around flames and sleep!)

*Place a drop on incense before burning to add the energies of Moldavite

*Use with an oil diffuser by floating a few drops on top of water 

*Rub a small amount onto paper currency to be used in money spells 

Note: It is recommended to do a patch test on the inside of the wrist or elbow to determine any possible sensitivities before regular use on skin. If irritation happens, discontinue use on skin!  

Although the bottles themselves do not contain any physical pieces of Moldavite, this oil has been lovingly infused with many layers of high vibrational energy to bring you this very powerful blend for your magick!  This exclusive offering will only be made available twice a year to maintain the integrity and intention of this very special brew.  Quantities are limited.  

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