Black Salt Banishing Scrub

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Use this banishing scrub to purify and detoxify yourself from stress and heaviness.  Perfect for empaths, psychics and mediums who can more easily accumulate and take on others' energies.  Also works well after arguing with a loved one or when its just been 'one of those days'.  The black salt, herbs and oils included in this blend work synergistically to remove energetic debris while simultaneously nourishing skin and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed!  

Herbs and Oils of eucaluptus, rosemary, galbanum, mint, cajeput and sage are blended with intention and organic coconut oil in every 3.5oz jar.  

To use, add small amount to hand and scrub damp skin in small circular motions - work from the top down.  Skin will turn black as you work.  Best to do in a shower.  As you cover your body, be careful to avoid sensitive areas or any open skin.  Once you are ready, soap up and wash as usual.  It may take several washes to fully remove the black.  As you watch the black going down the drain, visualize the negativity and that which no longer serves you leaving you.  Pat dry and breathe deep.