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A Dozen Roses Gift Box

A Dozen Roses Gift Box

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This Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box is a perfect treat for yourself or the one you Love!

Included in this set are a handful of fabric rose petals - perfect for decorating your altar, scattering amongst bedsheets, tucking into flowing tendrils of hair or even tossing into a bathtub.  You will also receive a sweetheart-sized sprayer of our Rose Water ~ specially crafted into a gem elixir with the addition of two rose quartz crystal chips inside the vial! Mist face for a skin nourishing glow, infuse your scared space with the gentle scent of pure roses or add to any spellworks involving love or romance.  A red organza bag and twelve hand-selected tumbled Rose Quartz crystals complete this Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box.  Rose Quartz has long been associated with being a heart opener, and a guide for exploring our emotions and gently releasing blocks that may be preventing us from receiving joy.  It's common properties include love, friendship, compassion and promoting trust.  These beauties could be incorporated into a crystal grid, added to your bathwater for a self-care soak, encircle a favorite houseplant, meditate with a single stone or the whole  bunch ~ however your intuition guides you to share and enjoy their energies!  

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