Yoga Essentials

Yoga is so much more than a physical activity.  The word itself means "to join or unite".  The practice of yoga joins the physical self with the mental self.  In much the same way as meditation deepens our connection to our spiritual self, yoga primes our brain and body to send forth our intentions with a clarity and focus that can immensely benefit our rituals, spell work, and magick.  

Yoga is not just about moving your body into seemingly impossible poses, but about expanding your awareness of Self and extending that outward into the Universe.  What could be more magickal? 

We strongly encourage you to explore it further if you don't already. Check out your local studio - like Bloom here in Southington.  Try it in the comfort of your home from an online teacher.  One of our personal favorite online teachers can be found here.  

Namaste Witches